Fees charged are based on the time and skills required for each procedure. They are comparable to fees charged in this community by other OB/GYN specialists. An estimate of charges will be given at your request and we encourage you to ask. 

 We require that smaller charges, such as routine office visits and co-pays, be paid at the time of services are rendered. 

 Co-Payments for elective surgeries must be paid in advance. Please remember, the responsibility for payment of fees is yours, not your insurance company’s. There will be a $25.00 charge on all checks that are returned to this office. If you need to discuss your bill, please call (602) 393-2450. 

Most required laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound testing is done outside this office and is billed separately by the lab or radiology group performing the work. For your convenience, most routine blood work is drawn in office and transported to the lab. We also offer ultrasound testing in the office.